The 757 Birth Foto Me Photography


Virginia specially Newport News was the place where the birth and love of photography came. Out of a quest of trying to figure out what I wanted to do out of life. I ended up taking Massage Therapy courses at Tidewater Tech Community College. Still to this day I wish I can take back those 2 years and went for Business or photography. I guess the pressure of starting college from my parents just made me hop on Massage Therapy because it all to fell in line with being an Entrepreneur. 

Throughout my first year in college everyone knew I was in the wrong field but I wasn’t going to quit what I started even if I didn’t like it. I spent every available minute to research contracts, invoicing, editing skills, lighting, camera skills, taxes, marketing, anything business.  In February 2009 I graduated with an Associate Degree. In order to practice massage therapy you had to pass a state exam but I ended up failing with nearly 95% of the class (expect 2 people who passed). Yeah, sounds crazy right? 

It wasn’t until October 12th, 2010 I made the jumped to get a business license. The passion I had in me was too big to calm because that was the moment I felt a dream becoming my reality. From that moment became the struggle of running a business. I have been in and out from working part time with a job and attempting full time but all the tools I didn’t yet have. So when I started I failed making a little bit of money but not profiting anything. You can say business wasn’t even business but I wasn’t going to give up on my dream. 

Fast forward to Jan 1st 2018 was the Big BIG jump to actually going full time. I put everything I had learned and developed over the years to just leap. Making this jump I had to face a lot of backlash, being called many hateful names, and being looked down on. I wasn’t going to back down and kept pressing.  Still aiming to make more and not making the same mistakes in the past, I had to learn more, Invest more and pushed more. My First year being full time I accepted more clients, had more opportunities,  and made more money than any other job I held. 

Although I am not quite there fully yet, I know all those years of trail and error and me pushing that I was doing what I Said I would accomplish. Being a Full time professional photographer. Here’s to a GREAT and PROFITABLE 2nd year being Full time. Let’s see what 2019 has for us!