Another lost - Our family home

“Home is where one starts from.”–T.S. Eliot


Today is a hard day.

Above you are looking at the place where me and my two siblings and parents called home for the past 10 years. This placed held a lot of laughter, game nights, dreams and aspirations. It also held a lot of discomfort, pain, and many dysfunctional cycles but above it all it was the place that mold me into the wise woman I am now.

This place you see was home for us all. We celebrated birthday parties, engagement announcements, and it was a place where 3 businesses was born (Shaun Varone Janitorial Service, Foto Me Photography and Knowlin’s Creations). Here we also housed cookouts and card game night where family and closed friends would come over and didn’t leave until 4am. It was kind of the go to house if you think about it. This home also welcomed both of my nephews Chase and Jarrod Jr and was a place where they both learned, laughed, cried, and loved.


What makes it hard about today? Well, in just 3 weeks we lost a father, husband, grandfather, uncle, brother and friend. Now, we are having to say goodbye to the one placed we all called home and where my father transitioned. 2019 has been a tough start but I am standing and believing that despite this hardship I believe God has something bigger than what I can see.

Until next time Peace.