My Reality of becoming a Full time photographer


8 years of having a vision of becoming this successful photographer who owned her own business, had a nice studio, traveled the world creating stories to share with the world, and giving back to the community. That was my dream and goal for past 8 years and still my heart desire til this every moment. 

But the process of getting to that vision is hell. I knew it wasn’t easy to achieve but I didn’t know it was going to be this strenuous. God was in my plans, dreams and visions. But that wasn’t my reality, Majority of those 8 years I became depressed, frustrated, lost, broken, and my faith in God was gone. What I was fighting was to achieve my goals and make them reality without God. 

The lies of my mind convinced me to believe that I could do anything; if I put in the work. I sacrificed any and everything and believed in those things that I would achieve the vision that only God has given me. 

I found myself questioning why I’m not in that vision right now. Why I’m not even close after all these years and time investment. TWhen finally I realized the missing piece to all the hard work, the sacrifice of sleeping on a blow up beds or the months without funds but still giving top notch service was Him. God was and is my missing piece. 

Funny thing of it all, I expected him to give me something without having any connection to him. For the past 1yr and 9 months he has been chasing me down just to make me understand this very thing. 

So today, I made the choice to put God back not only in my business but in my life because after all he is the only one who can Make it all my reality. Welcome to my world where you may see a typo, run ons, fragments, and slang out of this world because I refuse to write correctly most times. This is me, raw and uncut, but this is my story. Hope you stick around.