Most Memorable Christmas 2018

Holidays are about experiences and people, enjoy what you have in the present moment.
— Dominicka "Ro"

Christmas Eve, me and the bestie hit up my favorite brunch spot “Cracker Barrel”. The atmosphere was on point as always and the customer service was great. Me being the photographer that I am, I ended up taking photos before looking at what I wanted to eat. So I ended up having to tell our waitress to give me a extra two minutes to decide what I wanted. 

Here’s a Funny fact: I’m a picky eater so I ended up having their Grandma’s sampler. Two steamy melted butter pancakes, a nice hot bowl of grits and 3 smoked sausages patties. I’m getting hungry all over again. 

After that delicious beginning, I ended up going to my mom house to let my nephews open their gifts. It’s rare that they both sit together and take a photo. So this one is going down in the memory book to reflect back on. I spent the rest of the day just relaxing and playing games with the family. This is also new because it’s not likely we all can sit down with no fussing. As you can see, my Christmas Eve was just right and I wouldn’t have changed it any other way.


Christmas Day, started early with me calling and waking everyone up. I just wanted to get everything up and rolling so my mom could get to cooking. Of course I wanted to see my nephews open up more gifts and spending more time with them playing with their new toys. The most memorable moment on Christmas was smelling the goodness that came from the kitchen. The aroma of those seasoned country fried chicken follow by the smell of barbecue spilling over those crispy legs . Not to mention the meatballs gave me a taste of heaven. The baked Mac n cheese was made different this time around with different cheeses but overall was still delightful.

My mom and sister did their thing and my stomach was pleased with a second plate and a plate to go. Christmas this year was good and one that will be remembered. It’s mostly special because my nephews got to spend time with their grandpa and made it a memory for us all to keep for the rest of our lives. Thankful for the gift of photography to document the moments.