My 2018 Travel Experience



For today’s blog I wanted to share my first year of traveling. Now don’t get me wrong, I have traveled in the past but this is my first year that I traveled consistently. I have flown in the air more times this year than any other year.  Seriously, delta airlines should let me be their sponsor photographer or something. Maybe I’m being dramatic but who love to travel a whole lot more next year….. IT’S A DREAM OF MINES.

Where have I been? Well to kick off the season, I’ve been all over Virginia. I have been to locations that I did not even know existed. Start traveling your own backyard. You will be surprise what you’ll find if you would get out and explore. One of the popular locations that I traveled back and forth to is Richmond. Richmond has a lot of culture and is very rich in the arts. Next year I plan to documentary more in detail the beauty of the murals they have on almost every wall.  The most memorable location in VA was around my birthday when I got to visit one of the largest and most popular caverns in the Eastern America, Luray Caverns. Here’s a link if you ever wanted to visit the location:

Next trip was Saint Roberts, Missouri and Upstate, New York. I’ve driven twice and hopped on a flight twice to visit my sister and family since their recent move. Driving can be kind of long if your playlist isn’t popping off the charts. You’ll need about 7-8 hours worth of good music or someone that keep you occupied if you take the drive. Every time I go visit I always ask myself when will you go to Canada but thats how close she lived to the boarder. Here’s a tip: The best views while driving would be the mountains through Pennsylvania. I would certainly stick to flying just because its faster.  Saint Roberts was boring lol. I really think it’s because of the heavy military base and celebrating my brother-in-law graduation from the Army. I couldn’t explore like I really wanted but maybe there’s hope to visit again. 

Then there was the time me and my girls took a real girls trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This was the beach relaxing moment. I’ve never been to Myrtle beach and heard stories of everyone talking about how popular it was and all the parties. We went around bike week so there was a lot of people out there but the most thing I remember is the rest and calm breeze the ocean gave me. The music of the ocean is heaven to my ears. This trip was my beach vacation. 

California California was the highlight of the entire year. California has been my dream vacation spot since I was 18 years old and to finally get to visit the sunny state I was in love. I got to chill with sea lions, enjoyed the beautiful warm weather, chilled on the beach and ate some good food. Me and my best friend flew into San Diego and drove to LA where we received a $93 parking ticket trying to view the Hollywood sign. I wasn’t pleased with the welcoming gift LA gave me but certainly enjoyed visiting the sign in person. Looking forward to one day moving to San Diego. 

Being a full time photographer this year couldn’t afford me the luxury of traveling this much so I’m glad that dreams are finally kicking off. I thank God because this is all his work and putting in placed where I am able to travel and do what I love. I look forward to next year travel experience and my 2nd year being full time both in photography and travel.